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To inspire and support our community by making engaging and motivating wellness content easily accessible to everyone, no matter who you are or where you are -- one person, one workout, one journey at a time.

: How it Started

It all began with the idea of democratizing fitness -- that access to quality wellness should be the right of everyone, not the privilege of a select few. Every day, it is our goal to provide anyone and everyone who wants to make time for fitness in their lives with the highest quality, greatest variety of digital wellness content in the world, at an affordable price.

— Nate Forster, CEO and co-founder

Our Values

Accessible, Affordable, Anytime, Anywhere

NEOU is Always On -- anytime, anywhere. When you’re home and looking to sweat it out, we’re in your living room. When you’re on the go, we’re a gym in your pocket. When you’re on vacation, we’ll come along for the trip (if you want). We’re homebodies, we’re world travelers, and we’re everything in between -- affordable and accessible on devices you already own.

Unlimited Variety

We strive to constantly grow our digital library of classes for every wellness goal and fitness background by offering an unlimited variety of content, making each member’s journey unique and every experience a personal one.


Our community is built on trust and positivity. Together, our instructors and members inspire, motivate, and support each other by sharing authentic moments, uplifting stories, and honest feedback.

Premium Content

Our premium content is built upon a foundation of immersive, engaging, and motivational programming to help our members reach their fitness goals.

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